Slimcoin is a novel and experimental cryptocurrency created in 2014. It is the first known coin that uses the Proof of Burn mechanism to generate blocks. Additionally, it uses Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, making it the first and unique coin with three different block generation mechanisms.

In 2017, we’re alive and kicking, and we’re different from most other “altcoin” communities. We have no hierarchic and centralized structure - so we have no official development team that benefits from dubious pre-mine or insta-mine mechanisms.

All we want is to continue the exciting Proof of Burn experiment. In a few words, Proof of Burn is a mechanism where you get the right to find blocks if you burn coins. Yes, you destroy your money - and get a long-term reward winning the chance to get block rewards.

Sounds crazy, huh? It is perhaps easier to understand as a process of virtual mining. We have prepared an simple explanation (ELI5). And it has very interesting economical properties. It is the only mechanism that allows the users to regulate the available supply in a decentralized way.

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We’re an open project - you can participate

Our main discussion platforms are Bitcointalk and Reddit. Join us there!

We have also a wiki.

If you want to help with development & documentation: Go to our Github page.

Mining, Burning & Minting

Slimcoin can be generated in three ways:

Inscription service & Decentralized Websites

Since version 0.5, Slimcoin has a built-in blockchain website publishing service which lets you publish websites or blogs in a decentralized way without hosting nor domains. Simply publish your content as a torrent and let the Slimcoin blockchain be your version manager!

All you have to do is to use the inscription service provided by the Slimcoin client.

The publishing feature uses the awesome Web2Web and WebTorrent technologies. Your readers only need a modern browser - no additional software! So your voice will be heard also outside the nerd-space.

Stay tuned! This feature is still new and in alpha, and the Web2Web page generator has still to be ported. But you already can experiment with it.

Slimcoin Exchanges

You can trade, buy and sell Slimcoin at the following exchange:

Download Slimcoin & Source Code

You can download Windows, Linux and Mac OS binaries in our “Releases” section. The current beta release is 0.6. It is fully functional, but may still contain bugs.

The source code is here on Github. Chose the “master” branch if you want to test our new features.

About the Slimcoin project website

This website is still under construction. It is maintained by the Slimcoin community. If you want to contribute, please register at Github, fork the repository and create pull requests. Long-time community members can also ask for direct write access. Even if you don’t want to write content here - your suggestions are always welcome!